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Your Neighbor Has Reported a Termite Infestation: Should You Be Worried?


Anyone who finds out that their neighbor is dealing with a termite infestation may panic. Sometimes, even if you are practicing proper Austin pest control to safeguard your home from a potential termite infestation, it may still not be enough. If your neighbors and surroundings are not taking precautions, you might still have to tackle a termite issue on your property. Once a home in your neighborhood is infested with termites, there is a chance the surrounding homes may also be affected.

Should You Be Worried?

Termites can cause serious destruction when left unchecked for a long time. Because they can easily adapt to different environments, they can survive in most modern homes, making every home a possible target. These small insects can thrive in warm environments. If you know that the property around you has been affected by termites, you need to assume your property is also compromised.

Termites tend to grow quickly. Initially, they may infest an area in small numbers; however, they can increase exponentially within just days. The eggs that the queen termite will lay can go as high as 30, 000 eggs in one day. Thus, termites will be hatching and causing damage around the area of the original infestation in no time. After they chew through a piece of wood, termites will look for another target, making neighboring homes a possible risk area.

Moreover, termites are quite fast. Because they never sleep, they are constantly chewing and digesting wood. Usually, homeowners undermine the degree of destruction termites can do in a short period. But, before a homeowner can know it, termites have already caused irreparable damage to their furniture or walls and pillars. Thus, if your neighbor has reported a termite infestation, contact an Austin pest control expert immediately.

The Possibility of Your Home Being Infested with Termites

If your neighbor has termite issues, you may not be facing the same problem. But, you should be worried about termites being close to your house and possibly invading it soon if you don’t take proper care. It is important to treat the infestation issue of your neighbor as a wake-up call for you. Don’t wait for an infestation to happen before you consider an inspection and take prevention measures. You will know you also have termite issues at home if you see mud tubes along the sides of your home, soft floorboards, blisters on the door and skirting boards, moist stains or damp walls, dried mud accumulated in the door joints, and other signs.





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