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The window air conditioner was the first model of this air cooler marketed for commercial and residential environments. Its ease of installation by an ac repair in my area, which allowed anyone to install just having the space on the wall, drew attention.

With the passage of time and the advancement of other more modern types, more economical and with other technological advantages, the window was left behind. However, it has been reinventing itself and still serving many people who opt for this model.

Although we think we know everything about window air conditioners, there is still a lot of information we need to know about this model. Therefore, we have prepared unique content to solve your doubts about the product.

As mentioned above, the first model to be commercialized on a large scale within the world of air conditioning was the window air conditioner, a somewhat strange name, but one that is due to its use. This name has become quite well known.

Despite all the evolutions of air conditioning models that the market has been offering, window air conditioning is still a good choice for those who want to use the air conditioning in small places that do not require as much power.

Although installation is a little more laborious, air conditioning is still widely used as it requires a hole in the wall. It can be mechanical or electronic and have different capabilities, as explained below.

The demand for the window air conditioner is because it is a model that offers both voltages, both at 110 v (since not all homes have the possibility of higher voltage), as well as at 220 v. This means that you don’t need to change your home’s electrical network.

Does The Window Air Conditioner Need Maintenance?

Many people think that, with window air conditioners being the oldest model on the market, it also requires more maintenance than other models. However, the correct care with the use of the device is of paramount importance for its functioning, thus ensuring that the maintenance is carried out correctly, avoiding unnecessary problems.

An excellent way to avoid this problem is to periodically clean the device, especially in big cities and places where it is used a lot, as cleaning the air conditioner also helps increase the device’s life and preserve its components.

Knowing the air conditioning capabilities is also very important for acquisition because through them, you will know which capacity will best suit you. Window air appliances can be available in models with lower actuation powers and also with large capacities. A window-type air conditioner is a good option for economy, installation practicality, and efficiency in small environments that need to be cooled; it is worth investing in one of this type.

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