What is callus, and how is it treated?


What is callus?

Have you ever had a condition where your skin becomes thickened? If so, then you might experience a condition called callus. So, what exactly is a callus? Is it a disease that can affect your life? Or is it just a harmless condition? Well, it is more towards the latter. A callus is a medical condition where your skin becomes hardened and thickened. Usually, this condition is not harmful and will not give any effect towards your health. However, some people with extreme callus conditions tend to complain that their callus is disturbing their daily activities. Some of these people also think that having a big callus looks disturbing and they usually choose to remove it. So, the question is what do you need to do if you have a callus? Do you need to remove it straight away or just leave it? Well, it is recommended for you to go and meet your doctor as she or he can discuss the best answer with you. However, we will also provide some information about callus in this article so that you know what to expect from your doctor.

What are the causes of callus?

There are some possible causes that can help and facilitate the development of callus. The most common reason is wearing the wrong shoes and sandals. Wearing an appropriate shoe size that fits your feet perfectly can be a good choice. This is because wearing too tight shoes can expose your feet to unnecessary friction. Besides, wearing high heels too often can also give a lot of friction to your feet. Not just that, wearing shoes that are too loose can also give friction to your feet because your feet can easily rub against the shoe’s wall. All of these situations can develop callus in the future.

The other common reason is skipping socks. A lot of people think that socks are not important. Well, that is clearly wrong because wearing socks can help protect your foot. This is true due to the same reason that we discussed above. Wearing socks can help protect our feet from any unnecessary friction that might happen when we walk or run. So, remember to wear your socks especially during sport activities to help protect your feet from callus formation.

Lastly, another cause for callus formation is because of the excessive use of certain instruments. Callus tends to develop on the hands and also feet. This is due to the reason that we use both of these organs most of the time every day. Using hand instruments such as sport instruments, a pen or any hand tools can result in callus formation. Again, this is all due to friction developed by this equipment and it will obviously make the hand suffer.

How do we treat callus?

So, the final question remains: how do you treat callus? As mentioned before, treating callus is only necessary when you think that your callus gives unwanted hindrance to your activity or you want to remove it due to cosmetic reasons. Either way, you can do so by choosing some possible callus treatments. The easiest solution would be to trim the excess skin. Do not try this by yourself because it can lead to infection. You must visit your doctor to undergo this treatment. Besides, you can also opt for callus reduction treatment. Talk to your doctor about callus medication and he or she will provide you with the necessary details. If your callus still persists, you can opt to go for a surgery to remove it. Do not worry as the surgery is minor and is not high risk surgery.


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