SLA: A Thing to Consider


SLA is the agreement signed between the two concerned parties- the service provider and the clients. SLA stands for Service Level Agreement and plays a great role in choosing a hosting service. These agreements complete and clear details of availability, cost and time-period. When it comes to internet based services, a SLA includes details of Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF), Mean Time TO Repair or Recovery (MTTR) and other measurable factors such as data rate responsibility. Both parties agree upon the clauses and arrive at mutual agreement. The service provider is bound to provide all that is specified in the SLA. A SLA is necessary for both the parties.

Necessary action

This agreement is one on which both parties agreed and signed on. Once signed, both the parties have to abide by the specifications mentioned. The service provider has to provide all the services and maintenance as mentioned in the agreement. The client party also has to work according to the SLA and cannot ask for more than what is mentioned and also has to provide the mentioned time to the service provider for a certain task. If any of the party violates, fails or ignores the stated clauses, the other one can take necessary action including legal action. Every professional and experienced service provider like always chooses to have a proper SLA to ensure proper service.

Hosting resources and time

The agreement for internet based services contains the amount of hosting resources a client can use. It also clearly states the response and resolution time frame. A client has to wait the mentioned time for the provider to solve any issue that arrives. In case of a problem the client reports the support team about the issue. After reporting the issue, the client is required to give the provider the mentioned time to resolve it. SLA is actually a way to ensure transparency on both sides and prevent unexpected incidents in business relationships.


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