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By choosing the right shipping company, you can easily transport your motorcycle to a different location in the US without any hassle. The shipping companies have the right professionals who will take full care of the loading, transporting and unloading of your motorcycle. However, it will always be to your benefit to keep yourself updated about the rules and regulations of every state.

If you know the ins and outs of motorcycle shipping then it will help you to negotiate with any shipping service providers like Ship a Car, Inc. In this blog, we will try to touch upon various DOT requirements for shipping any motorcycle.

The following are a few things that you must do while shipping your motorcycle.

1.    Make sure that the driver of the transport is licensed and insured

Usually, all these truckers are very responsible and well experienced in hauling their trucks, but it will be important that you must ensure that the driver has a valid driver’s license and also have valid insurance.

You may ask them to provide the US DOT number so that you can verify the validity of their license.

2.    Go for the experienced shipping company

Always go for a company that has sufficient experience in shipping motorcycles to different states of the country. You may choose an independent company that may be quite professional, but unless the firm has shipped a motorcycle before, you should not accept their offer. Motorcycles have often unique designs and shipping needs.

3.    Watch for any additional fees

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You must read the finer points of the terms and conditions of the transporter and know about all additional charges that may be needed besides what has been quoted. There will be additional charges if you prefer to go for door-to-door service. Besides that, there can be various taxes and fees needed while on the move.

4.    Get the right kind of insurance

All professional Service providers will offer insurance coverage and that some of them can also include in the price. While few other independent service providers may offer extra coverage and charge separately if you request.

Therefore, you must specifically ask and know what kind of insurance and their charges are needed.

5.    Know the federal regulations

It is very important that a motorcycle shipping service provider must adhere to the various federal regulations while transporting any vehicle across different states. Various regulations that have been imposed by the Interstate Commerce Commission must be followed during transportation.

6.    Be aware of weight restrictions

The federal, as well as state governments, often impose certain weight restrictions on the shipments of vehicles, and all shipping companies must be aware and follow these rules.

7.    Safety inspection

Various agencies of federal and also government may perform certain random safety inspections. If any vehicle is observed to be not adequately secured, then the shipping company may have to pay a very heavy penalty after the inspection is completed.

These charges will be finally imposed on you and hence you must ensure that transport service provider is well aware of it.


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