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Air Conditioning Service Technician Task Description 


Air conditioning technicians do various features to ascertain that the cooling system, as well as related equipment and centers, functions successfully and efficiently.

The duties, functions, and obligations that they carry out working for different companies might vary due to the strange nature of the procedure in different firms.

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However, their work summaries typically consist of the following tasks and duties:

  • Perform repair service as well as routine upkeep tasks on equipment, building facilities, as well as offices, premises, constructing systems, as well as frameworks.
  • Coordinate initiatives with the firm’s contracted heating and cooling vendors to make sure business AC systems are operating perfectly.
  • Do inspection, fixings, upkeep, as well as installation of AC systems, consisting of building control and pneumatically-driven systems, fridges, cooling systems, water coolers, ice devices, as well as similar tools.
  • Accomplish maintenance look at home heating, airflow, and AC systems; clean evaporator draining pans, coils, as well as filters; oil fan and motor bearings; fixing and modification electric motors, belts, electrical wiring, compressors, fans, thermostats, drifting components, as well as thaw timers.
  • Location airflow regulates residents’ preference by adjusting dampers, diffusers, splitter, and fan rates; clean, remove, and alter filters and strainer; repair, remake, as well as paint steel and wood air conditioning fans as well as towers; include the correct amount of chemicals to water towers to stop rust and corrosion.
  • Run equipment, observe its procedure, as well as read instruments as well as determines, consisting of Volt-ohm meters; discover temperature level determines and readjust systems, consisting of pumps, valves, and controls to direct levels of fluid, temperature level, as well as stress; cost with given kinds as well as the amount of refrigerant, and hemorrhage impurities from systems; inspect determines as well as accomplish regular preventive upkeep checks.
  • Perform upgrading as well as servicing of refrigeration systems by transforming, fixing, or remodeling busted parts of condensers, compressors, as well as air pump; examine Freon level in refrigeration systems as well as fix any leak observed, and charge devices as needed; clean as well as change filters on ice makers and comparable devices; evaluate heating elements as well as transform if bad.
  • Execute repairs or adjustments on piping connections, couplings, valves, as well as installations by fascinating, welding, bolting, brazing, as well as soldering using hand devices, Prestolite lantern, drill press, as well as an acetylene torch.

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