9 Trending Foods and Drinks to Gift in 2021


Never overcomplicate things – food is a valuable gift. It is easy to gift a food item to your relatives, friends and more. It may work for any situation and occasion. There are endless choices available when it comes to buy foods and gift. makes it more interesting with Deliveroo promo code. Why not choosing a responsible delivery service in UAE? This service has connections with thousands of culinary services in this country. It has a wide network working in several countries including UAE, England, New Zealand, Spain, France, Ireland, Singapore, Australia, Kuwait, Hong Kong, Italy, Belgium and Netherlands. Here are some food gift ideas for foodies.

Niloofar Persian Trail Mix:

It is thousand times better than other trail mixes. This dish has inspirations from Persian heritage. Enjoy the amazing recipe with organic ingredients such as assorted nuts, golden berries, figs and mulberries.

Hillards Chocolate Craft Beer Brittle:

No matter you are a fan of beer, chocolate or both, this crowd-pleaser is a perfect gift for everyone. This is an innovative dish. It includes sweet peanut brittle with local beer. It offers a classic beer finish. It is unique and delicious. Redeem Deliveroo promo code and gift this amazing dish to your favorites.


A standard pack of chocolate is no longer attractive. You need a creative concept. Thanks to the Chocbox for presenting a unique kit with delicious chocolates. This box is available in various flavors such as classic dark chocolate, java junkies and fruity fiesta.

Salt Shaker & Grinder Set:

Salt aficionado would love this salt collection. This box has 12 amazing salts and peppers. These come in beautiful small shakers and grinders. This makes refilling easier. Would you like to see exemplary salts? The Organic Tellicherry peppercorns and Chardonnay salt (oak-smoked) are the top examples.

Grapefruit and Lime:

Thanks to Oven Craft Mixers for this amazing idea. This is amazing for friends who love homemade cocktails. These are nonalcoholic drinks easily available at the stores in UAE.  Discover various variants of grapefruit and lime cocktails with this gift.

Hot Sauce Gift Pack:

This is by The Heatonist. It is best gift for a person who adds sauces on everything s/he eats. This gift pack would be suitable for these persons. It is a great treasure of hot sauces making the meals hot and spicy.

Tapas Party Gift Box:

Thanks to the La Tienda for creating a beautiful set of six to eight goodies. This is best choice to bring from Barcelona. This Spanish food gift box offers traditional tapas essentials such as Chorizo, Piquillo pepper, potato chips, stuffed olive, and more.

Wing Sauce by Capital City Co:

This is famous New York and Washington DC. This amazing hot and sweet sauce is also available in UAE. Call Deliveroo and show Deliveroo promo code. The service will deliver this gift to said address within a few hours.

Lobster Gram Bloody Mary Bar:

It is a combination of pickled veggies, and cooked shrimps. This ready to eat gift pack has the best garnish game. This is best for your spouse if s/he loves seafood.


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