6 Choice of Comfortable Hotels, Hostels, and Resorts in Lombok


If you are planning a trip to the Southeast Asia region, you shouldn’t miss a trip to the beautiful island of Lombok. From epic waterfalls to brilliant white sand beaches, you’ll be treated to awe-inspiring views like a true hidden gem. With deserted dirt roads and essential places to visit, Lombok was different from Bali 20 decades ago. The island also offers some of the top hostels and resorts that you can get at affordable prices. Take advantage of our Where to Stay in Lombok guide to find the best places to stay in Lombok. If you’re looking to keep frugal or use great hotels from country hostels to luxurious beachfront suites, pick one of the recommendations below.

  1. The Livingroom Hostel

The Living Room Hostel is close to several beautiful beaches such as Selong Belanak Beach, Tanjung Aan Beach, and the white area of ​​Kuta Beach. Enjoy relaxing on the terrace, where you can view the gardens or take a dip in your pool.

  1. Mediavine

Among the facilities, the most stunning in the living room terrace bar is situated in the shade of a tree. This lovely hostel is located near tourist attractions and local restaurants. In addition, the hotel provides free parking on site. Prices vary from around $ 30 USD for a four bedroom or 12 USD for a six bedroom.

  1. Batatu Villa

You can start each morning with a delicious choice in their extensive breakfast menu served in the area. Each unit also has a fully equipped kitchen if you wish to cook for yourself. The hotel is very close to Kuta Lombok Conventional Market where you can get some souvenirs and some delicious food.

Batatu Villas have a stunning layout with coinciding aesthetics. Everything about this resort puts you at the pinnacle of comfort. There’s a pool and lush backyard, or soak in the sun on the terrace. Some rooms also have a private pool and sofa to relax in. The resort also seems pet friendly, so you don’t have to leave your furry friends at home.

The resort provides some great transport alternatives for exploring the island. You can rent a vehicle or a bicycle, making the most of the airport shuttle service. You can also take a short walk from Kuta Beach beside Legend Cafe & Bar to enjoy delicious mixed food such as Japanese cuisine.

  1. Sikara Lombok Hotel

Located on a quiet and picturesque road on the coast of Lombok, this idyllic resort is close to some of the biggest beaches in Lombok, such as Tanjung Aan beach and Kua Beach. Cool off in the resort’s fabulous swimming pool as you can take a peek at the surrounding mountains. While here, you don’t even want to leave your luxurious room, which can be filled with the best comforts. This place contains everything you could want, like BBQ facilities and an outside dining area. The resort also has some beautiful Indonesian architecture to admire.

Sikara Lombok provides the option to book cooking, snorkeling, and trekking courses to enjoy your trip. You can even enjoy a delicious hot drink at their on-site coffee shop as you relax in one of the best paradises here. Room rates at the Sikara Lombok Hotel start from around $ 70 USD.

  1. Tiu Kelep Homestay

Feel the comfort of being at home on your own trip to Lombok at Tiu Kelep Homestay. This idyllic spot tucked away from the jungle, is next to Lombok’s many truly beautiful waterfalls. You can choose from the following list of waterfalls: Sindang Gila Waterfall, Tiu Kelep Waterfall, Umar Maya Waterfall, and Telaga Madu Waterfall, Tiu Teja Waterfall.

Tiu Kelep Homestay is located in the shadow of the extraordinary Mount Rinjani. You should also see their beauty first hand if possible. Some rooms have a balcony where you can enjoy the view and take some photos.

The owner of Tiu Kelep exceeds the expectations of the tourists who have visited. They provide insightful things about the local community, in addition to themed dishes. The on-site restaurant serves a variety of Asian and international dishes. The owner can cook conventional meals for you on your first night! You will feel part of their family at this wonderful homestay.

  1. Hakiki Inn Bungalows

This amazing place makes Lombok a fantastic escape. Located in the middle of rice fields, Hakiki Inn provides comfortable bungalows and stunning mountain views. Each area is equipped with chairs if you wish to relax in your bungalow. This classic house guarantees the comfort of visitors, where you can relax or lie down in your hammock. The resort also organizes excellent hiking excursions to Sangkareang, which has panoramic views of Mount Rinjani and the crater lake adjoining the door.

Vacation is more than just the food, it’s about making long-lasting memories. Discover more adventures in Lombok by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.


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