Google voice rates.

Skype has been around for so long that people take it for granted. Well, Google has decided to change the whole scene with their own low tariffs and other features. Right now Google also offers free calling to numbers in the US and Canada. Google has been offering Voice services for quiet sometime now. Only recently did it open restricted. You can find out the Google voice tariffs here.

Best free online file converter cum video downloader

Last week I posted about ZAMZAR the Free online file converter. ZAMZAR had a better paid version too. If ZamZar was amazing here is another free online file conversion, video downloading and file sending tool which can be called the big daddy of it all.

You convert it file conversion utilityYouConvertIt allows you to do everything ZAMAR did plus a lot more. If you thought ZAMZAR supported many file types then checkout this new site. It supports an unimaginable number of file types and all this for free.

Just checkout the comments section in the poat on ZAMZAR and you will know how I was introduced to Youconvertit.

You convert it allows you to convert and download videos from online file sharing sites in many formats, even in  audio formats. Also the online conversion utility supports much more file types than ZAMZAR. Another added feature is the ability to attach and sens files to any email address. So if you email service provided puts a limit on attachment size go to Youconvertit, upload the file and enter the destination email address. You can also add your emil and a message along with the file. Youconvertit has got an online units conversion facility too.

With the neat interface and functionality Youconvertit can be called as the BigDaddy of all online file convertors. The onlu problem I have faced with this site is that the interface does not work correctly in Opera. In firefox and IE the aite works just fine.

Send free SMS or call any mobile phone across the world

A new updated article is available: Send Free SMS Please read it.
Remember Mobik the free SMS service that shutdown some time ago? After mobik was closed the site was changed to some titled one. Any ways here is a new Service that allows you to send SMS to any Mobile phone in any country for free.

Send free SMS from Jaxtr to any mobile phoneJaxtr is a Web based free messaging service that will let you send Short Messages to any mobile phone in the world. Jaxtr will also allow you to recieve calls from friends or recieve text messages if you link you mobile phone with the Jaxtr account.

To make calls or send messages you need Jax. If you are an active member you will be given 100 free Jax a month. I do not know how much Jax it takes to send messages. I used Jax to send two messages and it didn’t consume any Jax.

Both of the messages I send was to phones inside India and it took almost 15 minutes to arrive. May be it is operator depended also.

Jaxtr will let you call your friends from an online link. o you phone number is not revealed to strangers. Also you can control from whom you receive messages and calls.

Now the second one (I think you all know) Yahoo Messenger’s SMS, you can click on send text message and enter the number including country code..But there are limitations. Yahoo! doesn’t support most of the service providers, then you cannot send more than 3 messages without a single reply.

ISD codes for countries starting with A, B and C | ISD codes for countries starting with D, E and F | ISD codes for countries starting with G, H and I | ISD codes for countries starting with J, K and L | ISD codes for countries starting with M, N and O | ISD codes for countries starting with P, Q and R | ISD codes for countries starting with S, T and U | ISD codes for countries starting with V, W, Y and Z

Download video from any sharing site using RealPlayer 11

RealPlayer 11 has got the amazing capability to identify the videos embedded in a page. It will show a button just above the video that will allow you to download the video.

When installing RealPlayer you are given an option to add a Download Video button to your browser. Just make sure that it is checked.

Install button to download video

Now when you visit a page having an embedded video like Youtube or MetaCafe a button with Download Video will be shown to you just above the embedded video. You just need to click on that to download it.

Button shown over the embedded video in youtube

Currently this works with Firefox and Internet Explorer. I havn’t tried it with opera.

You may like to know How to download videos in MP4 fromat from the Youtube. Or read about the Builtin Parental Control in Windows XP here.

Free service that lets you find out everything about a domain name

Domain Tools ping, lookup, search history, sales and all about domainsSome times we may need to know more about the site we are visiting, including its IP address, domain name provider, administrator etc. Or we may need to know if the site’s server is up by using a ping command. All these and more can be done by using DomainTools by Name Intelligence. It provides almost every service related to a domain name.
Here is what Name Intelligence says about Domain Tools :

Name Intelligence is best known for its feature rich website The mission is to gather and enable as much information as possible about every domain. Domains records exist in the deep web and are not as search able as the very web pages they host. Name Intelligence will enable search on whois records and expose multiple views of how the domains are structured. Our custom thumbnail system and intelligence fetching will draw in data from all sources that have complementary data to our records.DomainTools is ranked by several third parties such as Alexa to be the number one whois website in the world based on visitors. If a domainer is researching domains then DomainTools is the place to be.

You can lookup the sites IP, check performances of various hosts, view important information about servers and various domains, view history of domain name, do a reverse IP look up etc. They have got an XML API so that you can use their service right for your office or web purpose. Visit Domain tools to have a look at what all they are providing

Save web pages as PDF and save to your desktop for free

PDF online Logo
Most of us browse through numerous web pages and save them if we find them interesting. When I am downloading the entire site I will use Winhttrack a very useful web archiving utility. But the problem with html pages is that the have an associated folder, even the mht files are not much of use also if you need to read the page later as an e-book. So what if we could save the web page as pdf

Thats exactly what PDFOnline offers. It has a plethora of options to choose from. they provide online conversion of doc, jpg, htm and many more files to pdf. But you need to signup inorder to put there convert to pdf widget on your blog, which enables a visitor to save your page as pdf to their system. Users are able to convert pages to pdf just by clicking a button as the one shown here.

If you need the page exactly as you saw it on the net than you may try saving the file in Microsoft Web Archive format.

**Tips :Although this is nice and convenient I am sad to say that the formatting is pretty much ugly. What you’ll get is almost a screen shot and then also some image including backgrounds are missing. So for now save the page as .mht **

Free URL shortening services on the WEB

These are some of the most popular services on the net that allows you to shorten long URLs.

Here is the test URL I used and the shortened URL by each service is given on the side

NotLong (custom URL)
URLCutter (custom url)

For Not Long a password and Username is provided so that you can edit the URL in future. All of these sevices have easy to remember names and most have a custom URL maker.

Online archives for file types, extensions, application used is an online encyclopedia of file extensions, MIME types, programs that use specific file extensions etc.

For example :
msc – is a microsoft management console file.
ogg – is an ogg vorbis music file
car – CAR Archive Compressed Archive

But with the numerous applications and corresponding files it is impossible to remember all of these files. Also there are tons of file extensions which we have not yet heard about.

Filext – the file extension source is a one stop source for all the information you ever need about a specific file extension. It is actually a magnificent site with discussions on file types, MIMe types, file signatures, and possible and detected vulnerabilities in files.

So if you got any file type that you haven’t heard just head to Filext they have it all. They have got a tool which will send you to their web site from the windows open with dialog if you choose select from Web option.

DNS IP resolving in easy terms

All websites on internet has an IP address besides the site name. How does our browser know which IP a site belongs to? The computer will look in a directory called a DNS (Domain Name System) server which has got all the IPs or check the local DNS cache (just like internet history) to find the IP address from a name. But before checking with a DNS server the IP is first checked with you local Host Files.

The cross checking with host file occurs even if you are not connected to the Net. But if you are connected to internet the address is first checked with Host File and then with a DNS server. When you are connected to internet your default setting will let your ISP select the DNS server for you. So the OS goes to the DNS server with a request to resolve the address and return the IP. And when the DNS server returns the IP you are taken to that computer (server).

How can a DNS server protect you from a phishing site? : When you send a request to resolve a Phishers address and the DNS knows it is a phisher, then DNS can prevent you from getting Phished. Thats exactly what the New Open DNS service claims to do. For this you must set your DNS server to be OPEN DNS servers. How to set your DNS to Open DNS servers and Increase browsing speed?

Universal Units Converter – convert your measurements between any units

Units Converter is a site where you can easily convert different engineering units from one to another. The units that are inter convertible here are Length, Temperature, Pressure, Volume, Angle, Weight/Force, Area, Power, Energy and some Number bases.

The only problem with Units Converter is that it has got a really ugly User Interface, but the functionality will overshadow this slight annoyance.