How to use facebook chat on your desktop

Facebook has a built in chat engine which allows users to chat through their browser window. Using chat from a browser window is not always easy. The Facebook chat box makes this particularly hard too. It is easier to chat using a dedicated IM client. In a previous post I had talked about pidgin – a free IM client with support for multiple accounts.

The best part about pidgin is that it will allow you to converge your friends accounts into a single icon on the GUI. that is you can combine a friendsĀ GTalk and Yahoo ids to a single name on pidgin. If the user is online is any one account your IM will message automatically to that id. This does not mean you can cross chat from Yahoo to GTalk or vice versa.

Although Pidgin supports Myspace there is no built in support for FaceBook chat. but that’s not going to let you down, because there is a wonderful plugin available solely for that purpose. The pidgin-facebookchat plugin developed under Google code and distributed under GNU GPLv3 can let you use FaceBook chat on Pidgin. The plugin is available for both Windows and Linux.

Add a FaceBook account to pidgin screen shot
Add a FaceBook account to pidgin screen shot

After installing the plugin goto “Accounts>>Manage Accounts>>Add” From the dropdown select Facebook as the protocol. Set you <username> and <password> of your Facebook account. You can set additional options including email notifications and Status updates from Pidgin under the Advanced tab.

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