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How to Disable Autoplay/Autorun

How to Disable running of programs automatically when you insert a CD or USB drive. This can actually prevent many viruses from entering your system. Use this along with the address bar pull down menu while accessing a pen drive.

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Free Disk tools to analyse Disk usage graphically

A graphical Disk Usage analysis tool could do wonders when you are doing some spring cleaning on your system. The DUA first seen in GNome has a neat and cool interface. A free version of this for Windows as well as KDE is available at Sourceforge.

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Is Firefox stable as it is said

Stability is the least of Firefox’s (Ubuntu) quality as I discovered recently. But thanks to the developers the problem is almost fixed now. Almost means I haven’t experienced a similar problem after upgrading to version 3.0.5

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Please tell me how the new blog theme looks and feel?

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