How to Disable Autoplay/Autorun

As we discussed in the last post in the series, the best way to prevent infection by a Virus is to Disable Autorun. So how do you disable Autorun? The easiest way to do this is using Group Policy Editor which is a Microsoft Management Console Object. To Turn Off AutoPlay/ AutoRun follow these steps :
Watch this step by step Flash Tutorial

1. Goto START»RUN gpedit.msc

2. Browse to the folder Computer Configuration»Administrative Template»System.


goto Computer Configuration»Administrative Template»System

3. Scroll down and Open Turn Off Autoplay option.

4. Enable it and select All Drives

Select All Drives

This will be a system wide change. Instead if you need to turn Off Autorun just for your user account do the same in the folder –

User Configuration»Administrative Template»System

Please read the previous post in the series for some more useful tips on preventing Viruses.You might want to use the Address bar tip give at the end of last post in this series too.

Free Disk tools to analyse Disk usage graphically

Disk Usage Analyser(DUA) is a GNome ustility available for Linux. As the name indicates DUA scans the filesystem and finds out how much space is occupied by each directory and file. It then shows the usage along side a folder tree as a bar graph.When you click on a directory name, memory usage by each subfolder and files can be seen as an arc diagram on the right pane.

Left side shows a tree structure and bar graphs while the right pane shows the selected directories memory usage and its contents.
Left side shows a tree structure and bar graphs while the right pane shows the selected directories memory usage and its contents.

The Disk Usage Analyzer can be used to find out which directory or file uses how much space. It can be very helpful if you are trying to clean-up some Hard Disk Space from your PC. A similar tool for Windows is WinDIrStat at but this one is a little less visaully attractive one. For KDE users KDirStat might be a solution.

Is Firefox stable as it is said

Firefox has been long speculated to be one of the most stable browsers. On Windows I also believe this is true. But since running Ubuntu and Firefox for the past few months, I have to believe otherwise. Crashing Firefox has been a daily scene for me. Firefox gets hung even while loading GMail. This is not my problem alone. My friend who has got a completely different configuration has got the same problem. Here is a screen shot.

Firefox is ever ready to stop responding in Ubuntu

On Ubuntu Opera seems to be more stable than Firefox. But under Windows both are equally stable. For Firefox the problem has been almost solved by version 3.0.5 which we are running now. If you have faced a similar problem please comment specifying it.