Image aspect ratio correction using GIMP

In the last post we saw how to correct the aspect ratio of a video. Here is how you can edit an image to its correct sizes using GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP). For this I first reduced the image height. And that’s why it is seen as stretched. Now lets see how we can correct this.

1. Open the image in GIMP

2. Goto ImageĀ»Scale Image

3. Click on the Keep Aspect ratio Button (the small chain like icon next to the pixel box)

4. Change one of the dimensions (either height or width) to make the image to have a sensible shape

5. Save it.

The video is a screen cast of me doing the above procedure with an image of my favorite bike.

Setting the correct aspect ratio for a video

Many a people still don’t understand what the correct aspect ratio of an image or a video is. It is the correct ratio between its width and height which will make the image look normal to the eyes and not like a print on a stretched balloon.

Wrong aspect ratio

wrong aspect ratio can destroy the beauty


Correct aspect ratio

CBR 1000 RR correct aspect ratio

How do you correct if a video has wrong aspect ratio.

Video :

If the aspect ratio of a video is not correct then play it in VLC media player. Goto full screen mode and press “A” on the keyboard. This will change the aspect ratio. Repeatedly press the key until the aspect ratio is OK. Alternatively you can right click the screen and goto Video>>Aspect Ratio and select an aspect ratio from the list.

o adjust the aspect ratio of an image could be done using more than one tool. I will explain this in a later post.