View system files (super hidden) in Explorer

This is the first among a series of posts on administering Windows . It starts with how to see the files and folders that were hidden by Windows for some reason. The series is actually inspired from the one done by Samanathon on Starting your Day with a fresh Computer. He did a good job and I am a regular visitor of Saman’s Blog.

A Super Hidden or a Protected Syetem File is a file that is normally not shown in the Windows Explorer even if you have enabled Show Hidden files (Tools>>Folder Options>>View>>Show Hidden Files and Folders) in Windows Explorer). This is because if some of these files are deleted or changed Windows may encounter a fatal error. Some of such folders are :

  • C:Windowssystem32dllcache
  • System Volume Information – this is in all the drives
  • Recycler – which is also in all the drives

Super Hidden Files in C drive

So the first step involved is to make Windows show all the Super Hidden files. This can be done in two ways. One is directly through Windows Explorer Tools>>Folder Options and the other is through registry. So the former being easier and straight forward I’ll discuss it first.

1 . Through Windows Explorer

In Windows Explorer from Tools (Alt+T) menu take “View” tab in “Folder Options”.Make sure that you have selected Show Hidden Files and Folders and that you have unchecked Hide Protected operating system files options. Click Apply and then OK. This will enable you to see system files that had previously been hidden from your view.

Showing Super Hidden Files in Tools Menu

2 . Through Registry Editing

This is a little more complex.(It is recommended that you read the following posts before you go into the registry. Try this if you know Registry editing. Make a backup of the registry before you proceed.( The Introduction to Windows Registry , Know how to backup your registry )

Follow these steps..

1 . Run ( WIN+R ) regedit and open registry editor.

Super Hidden Dword in registry

Go to the Key HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindows

2 . In there you will see a Registry DWORD named ShowSuperHidden Make the value 1 instead of 0.

Dword Edit

3 . Now all you need to do is to restart Windows Explorer. to do so you can goto Start>>Shut Down and Click Cancel while holding down SHIFT+CTRL+ALT. Now press ALT+CTRL+DEL this will bring Task Manager. Take File>>New Task and type explorer and press Enter.

Now if you go to any drive you can see the previously Hidden files there. Note that you will still need to enable Show Hidden files option in Folder Option.

Free online image editor

Resizr is a free online image editing site. I will allow you to use almost all the basic photo editing features. “RESIZR was conceived in July 2006 by Matt Miller, after trying to help a user upload an image to the Urban Pug Forums. After suggesting some tools, it became apparent that there might be a need for a brutally simple online image resizer.”

Image in Resizr canvas

With Resizr you can Crop, Resize, Change filetype (GIF,PNG,JPG), sharpen, adjust levels, change the tone of the image (to B/W &&; sepia), adjust brightness and contrast and even control the quality of output file. Resizr is equivalent to a photo editing software. It is free and also saves your file for a specific amount of time before which you can download it.

Download files from without flash player

eSnips logo eSnips is a social content-sharing site, where you can publish and share any media type. You will get 5Gb of storage space on the servers when you signup for eSnips.

You can find lots and lots of books, music files, photos etc on eSnips. But if you want to download them you will need flash player. Here is the workaround if you do not have flash player installed but still want to download a file from eSnips.

This is the screen shown if you do not have flash installed.

Flash install

View the source of the web page by pressing CTRL+U – firefox, opera, IE ; Find the section with the text “var scribd_doc = scribd.Document.getDocFromUrl” (do a search). Now select the URL of the file you need from inside the brackets. More details can be found in the image below.

Source of the webpage and finding the URL of file.

Paste this URL to the address bar and you will get the file you searched for.

Points to note while upgrading to an LCD flat panel display

An LCD flat panel display is much better for your eyes if you spend a lot of time in front of a computer. If you spend a little more money than a CRT monitor you can get a sleek ,light and less power hungry LCD TFT display. I was recently searching for an LCD monitor and finally bought the HP 1908w 19″. So I was forced to do a little research (lol) in the area. I am sharing it because some of you may get some benefit from it.

HP 1908w TFT screen

Size :

If you are using the LCD for daily work and not for group entertainment (like a movie) you will not need much larger than a 19″ screen (or may be 22″ if you go that far).

Aspect ration :

Aspect ratio is the ratio of width and height of your screen. 4:3 means for 4 units of width 3 units of height is taken (like 1024x 768 is 256x4 and 256x3). If you like to use your monitor mainly to watch movies go for a 16:10 wide screen aspect ratio. You can get 16:9 also on some Samsung models. If you plan to use it mainly for document editing and office work it would be better to go for an aspect ratio of 5:4 (10280×1024).

Response time :

Response time would not be much of a concern to you unless you are a die hard gamer. If you are then go for something like 5ms or faster (3ms). The Gray to Gray response time is more of a use to the customer actualy.

Contrast :

To put it in simple terms contrast is the intensity difference between Black and White pixels. Go for higher contrast.

Brightness :

Here also the higher the better. but never settle for anything lower than approximately 280cd/m^2.

Connectors :

VGA the 15 pin connector is a standard. Go for DVI or even HDMI ports. Here even if you don’t have a graphics card that supports DVI you can use the monitor with the VGA cable. (VGA is th 12 pin connector – normally blue that you can connect to the onboard graphics of any computer).

Price :

Here in India you can get a decent 19″ LCD screen for upward of 220 US dollars. If you need more features you got to spend more.

Bottom Line

Go for LCD monitors as they provide you with maximum screen size(viewable) in any size class. If you are a professional designer or something there are only very few LCD TFT screens that can compete with CRTs as of now. Search for more than three manufacturers and in more as many shops as you can. Always ask for a demo of the product if you haven’t seen one of the models before. Use the monitor in a dark room also if possible. Play a movie and also ask for the warranty details.

Free online icon maker

Free tools have always been my favorite. You can see that under the free tag. If you don’t have any software to create an icon or cannot create a free icon as in the previous post, you must try this free online icon creator.

Free online favicon editor

The site allows you to make 16x16px icons. You can also select an image make it to 16x16px and upload to the site and convert it to ico fromat. Since the canvas is highly magnified you can easily create shapes and write using the provided tools. After the work is finished the icon can be downloaded by clicking on the Download icon button on top.

Analytics account open to stream lined login

Analytics LogoGoogle has opened streamlined login to analytics also. If you don’t know what this is read the second tip given in the previous post – Logging in to Blogger. If you login to one Google service (like GMail) and open another service like Blogger then you will automatically be logged in to Blogger also.

Till recently this was not allowed for Analytics (although the facility was available fro Adsense). So you would have to enter your password a second time to login to Analytics. From now on you can login to Analytics by logging in to any of the other Google services.

(Analytics is the free Web traffic and site data Analyzer from Google.)