Create PDF files for free form any file by printing

PrimoPDF logoPrimoPDF is a free software that installs itself as a printer in your system. It will accept the print requests and allows you to save them as a PDF file. So you can create a PDF file from virtually any file in your system. If you need to create a PDF file from an Office document you may use the export feature available in

PrimoPDF also allows you to change the quality of the output files to four preset ones and one custom setting.

PrimoPDF quality selection

PrimoPDF is light on system resources and produces good quality PDF files. Although you might end up with file having its own path printed into it, PrimoPDF can be used as a basic tool to create PDF files. Download the Windows installer here

Windows virus infects Linux

Windows has always been considered a vulnerable OS to viruses, but not Linux. I haven’t heared about any virus for Linux except for some university project somewhere. So do not expect me to discover a new virus for Linux. This is much more interesting, actually.

The virus I found, running, on Linux (Ubuntu to be specific) was actually a Windows virus. Some of you might already have figured out the culprit here. So how did the Windows virus manage to run on Linux which doesn’t even support any Windows specific file.

A windows virus running in Linux
A windows virus running in Linux (Ubuntu)

Wine is a software application which allows Unix like OSes to run programs written for Windows. So if you set the default assocaiation for exe files to Wine in Linux, you can just double click on exe files and run them just like you do in Windows. So if this is right then you can get infected with almost any Windows Virus in Linux.. although the consequences may not be much important.

[Screen Shot soon]

Any Virus using AutoPlay can infect by this method. So if the virus is running after you inserted a USB drive it will copy itself to any external storage device automatically. So virtually you get your USB drive infected with virus from a LINUX system. To prevent this from happeneing do not set the default association for exe file to Wine. Just leave it in the Open with list and chose it when you need to run an exe file.

The removal and detection could be understood from the screen shot provided. Click on the screen shot for a bigger one with more details.

Opera doesn’t accept text in Tiny MCE – WordPress

Opera 9.5 failed to process TinyMCE correctly. so if you enterd something in the HTML editor and came back to Visual editor mode.. you won’t see any text. Check out thses screen shots.

Text is rendered correctly when in HTML editing mode.

Actually it is caused by wrong implementation of JavaScript in TinyMCE. More about it is explained at opera development blog. In the race to win Acid3 test Opera made the implementation of web standards strict. It was this that caused the error.

This text doesn’t show.

Text is hidden when it is previewed

As of now the problem has been solved in Opera 9.51 and this post is being written using Opera 9.51. Another known issue with TinyMCE was scrabling of text when pressing the ENTER key. This is also solved now.

Free font previewing utitlity

Pig font viewer is a free utility that allows you to preview your fonts. You can enter any text you want and click on the list of fonts shown from your fonts library. You can also select fonts saved in a directory by browsing to that directory through Pig Font Viewer.

If you want to have the fonts loaded in Pigfontviewer when you open it just install it by right clicking on it. It is available for Linux, Windows and MAC platforms. You can download Pig font viewer from their web site.

Change the default Drive Icons in Windows XP

You can change the default drive icons available in My Computer under Windows XP through the registry. Although it is done via registry the task is pretty simple and straight forward. (You can also use the Autorun method – please read that article if you prefer to do so)

Open registry editor ( WIN+R ยป regedit )

Navigate to the key

Registry allows you to change the icons associated with each drive

Here you can see some sub keys with name as drive letters in you system.

Each one of them will have another sub key DefaultIcon . The Default string under DriveIcon keyDefault string value here contains the path to the icon used for that drive. Double Click on this and set the path of the icon you want to use.

Default icons for drives in XP xhanged to Vista ones.

This will change the default icon of that drive. Repeat it for other drives also. I don’t know any easier way, but if you know just post a comment and I will publish it here and link back to your blog.

Adsense refferal program being withdrwan by Google

After a major policy change for Adsense in January, Google is finally pulling off their Adsense referral program. In January Adsense had shocked many of its customers by withdrawing the Adsense referal program completely but had changed it after customer complaints.

But this time it is final. You will have to remove the Adsense referral code from your site before August first week. After that the referral will not be shown. Google has provided an alternative for this by pointing out Google Affiliate Network. Sign up for Google Affiliate network here.