Add a target to your Send ‘To Shell’ Menu

This post will show you how to add a new Item to your sendto menu of your shell right click options. It is really simple and can be very handy to use.

All the targets of sendto menu are located in the C:Documents and settingsUSERNAMESendto folder. Or just type shell:sendto in your Start»Run box.

New shortcut in sendto menu folder

Create a shortcut by right clicking here to the folder you want in your send to menu, and voila you are done.

Free URL shortening services on the WEB

These are some of the most popular services on the net that allows you to shorten long URLs.

Here is the test URL I used and the shortened URL by each service is given on the side

NotLong (custom URL)
URLCutter (custom url)

For Not Long a password and Username is provided so that you can edit the URL in future. All of these sevices have easy to remember names and most have a custom URL maker.

Online archives for file types, extensions, application used is an online encyclopedia of file extensions, MIME types, programs that use specific file extensions etc.

For example :
msc – is a microsoft management console file.
ogg – is an ogg vorbis music file
car – CAR Archive Compressed Archive

But with the numerous applications and corresponding files it is impossible to remember all of these files. Also there are tons of file extensions which we have not yet heard about.

Filext – the file extension source is a one stop source for all the information you ever need about a specific file extension. It is actually a magnificent site with discussions on file types, MIMe types, file signatures, and possible and detected vulnerabilities in files.

So if you got any file type that you haven’t heard just head to Filext they have it all. They have got a tool which will send you to their web site from the windows open with dialog if you choose select from Web option.

Save web pages as mht file for better management of documents

If you have the habit of saving all the useful web pages you come across, you might probably have recognized that this will take a lot of files on your computer. I didn’t mean size because for every html file you save there will be correspondingly a folder like FILENAME_files created to store the accompanying css, js and image files. So what can you doe to get rid of these annoying things but still want the page to be intact.

The Microsoft Archived Page (.mht) file format comes in handy in such situations. You can save a web page as Web Archive file in Opera or on Microsoft Internet explorer. But sadly Firefox is not yet supporting mht format. So if you currently have files saved in normal format just open them in Internet Explorer and select Save As>>Web archive thatwilldo the trick

Adsense account can now be merged with your Google Account

Adsense will allow users from now on to merge their Google account with the current Adsense login, so that users could use just one set of ID and password. Previously you were provided with separate id password combo for Adsense login. From now on if you are logged in to any other Google services like Gmail or Blogger you can easily login to your Adsense account too.

If you go to the Adsense login page, after login you will be asked if you would like to merge your Adsense and Google account together. If you don’t have a Google account you have the option to create one. Here is the screen shot of the merging request page –

Adsense and Google account united screen shot

The merging although now optional is going to be mandatory after some time.

Add more users to CCProxy (make it free) – no crack required

Here is the tip for you to make CCProxy (software to control internet sharing over LAN) to be used for unlimited users (CCProxy evaluation version actually support only 3 users). Remember even though there is no liscence violation there may be future changes in there policy that may make this illegal – do this at your own risk. This does not involve the use of any cracks or serials but the plain old school method.

We are allowed to use CCProxy as Free with 3 users . So let the Internet modem be at ROOT (let his IP be Now USER1, USER2, USER3, are immediate clients of ROOT. Run CCProxy on any one of the clients (USER1, USER2 or USER3) so you can get 3 more users.

Cascading Proxy options

In this case take USER1 goto Options»Cascading Proxy on CCProxy running at USER1, tick the check box and enter IP of ROOT at Proxy address ( in example) and set Port number for each Proxy Protocols (http – 808example, https, ssl etc these port numbers have to be same as given at Root’s CCProxy, an example of the Root’s PORT configuration is here individually in the textbox as shown below.

Root port configuration

This can be continued as many times as possible. Since USER1 has to serve Internet for 3 more USERS share the bandwidth on ROOT as USER1=70% and other two as 15% so that he wont get a slowed down connection.Here is a graphical illustration

Setting up CCProxy for unlimited users

CCProxy – control sharing of internet between computers on network

CCProxy by YoungzSoft allows to control the internet access over LAN. It is not a free ware, but as usual there is a work around without cracking.

Proxy Server
CCProxy lets all computers on the LAN access Internet through one single Internet connection. Just need to install Proxy Server CCProxy on the server which can access Internet directly and the other PC clients can connect to the Internet through the proxy software. It will provide you a cost-effective Internet connection sharing solution without losing ease of use and peace of mind.

CCProxy can be downloaded from YoungzSoft download page. The installer is a 2.1 Mb executable and installation is a breeze. The software costs you $69 for unlimited users. The evaluation version is Fully Functional except for the fact that it supports only three users. CCP can control virtually anything with Net over LAN including

CCProxy Account Settings

1. Users : The Server can allow selected users to access the Internet. this can be done using the users IP address, Mac address or Name. So no other person on the LAN can just change their IP and do a fraud. Also if you give the IP CCP will automatically retrieve user info including MAC and Name. In Account Settings>>NEW input the IP of user and click retrieve info and you are done. You may also specify a USERNAME and PASSWORD for each user for more security.
2. User Surfing : The bandwidth, number of live connections, sites visited and time of connection can be controlled for each user. If you give -1 as value for Bandwidth, Connections etc the user has got no restrictions.
3. Proxy and Ports :

CCProxy Port Options

CCP also allows to assign individual PORTS for each protocol. See th Screen Shot. This increases security, also you can block selected protocols here.
4. Security : For all the server softwares to be secure they need to control interference from other users than Administrator. CCProxy allows Administrator to Set a Password to change the settings and also allows an option for users to login and change the Proxy settings via LAN. Of course the logging in through :LAN can be disabled. You can specify the site to be used for checking. The Socket IDLE time before disconnecting can also be specified.

CCP Miscellaneous Options

.Summary : To sum it all, CCProxy is an excellent piece of work by Youngz Soft. It give all the control that is required for a LAN Internet Proxy and I have never seen any product that gives you these much value for your money. If you need a proxy then don’t wait go for it.
Pros :
Excellent Control for Administrator, Not a piece missing, individual Port configuration for different protocols, Light (2.1 MB )and easy to setup, Ease of use, Impresive user interface.
Cons :
None in particular, (although the price may seem to be a little over the top, CCProxy is worth every penny)

Specifications :

Mem. Usage (idle) : (coming)
(minimised) : (coming)

Price :   $69

How can I make CCProxy have more users legally without using any cracks?

What to do when you can’t log-in to blogger

Some times Blogger will show a “server was encountering a problem” message when you try to login and will give you an error code and say that an engineer had been notified. There are some things you can try to login to blogger when such an error occurs.

If Blogger home page won’t load or you can’t login directly.

1. Go directly to Blogger Login Page and try logging in.
2. Sign in to Gmail or Google then take a New Browser Window (CTRL+N) or a New Tab (CTRL+T) and goto This will take you to the Blogger Dashboard directly.
3. Try clearing the cookies and goto the sign in page.

So the next time you face such a problem, don’t miss a post.

Clear the most recently run commands in Run Box from Registry

Windows has got the habit of saving almost anything you got your hands on, like recent run list, recent wallpaper, recent files etc.. Although some of these may be useful most of them are not. The recent RUN list, mentioned above, is saved in the Windows registry. (The recent Run list is useful but this is an example). If you take Start»RUN and type something you may perhaps note a drop down of the previous commands typed there.

Recent Run drop down

These commands that were previously typed are saved in the Registry. Goto Registry Editor by typing regedit in RUN dialog. Navigate to the following folder HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindows

Location of the List

Here you will find some regWords with values of Run lists and name as a,b,c,d.. there will also be an MRU List which saves the order in which the Run list is to be shown. Delete all the keys except default . Now restart Windows Explorer (press ALT+CTRL+SHIFT and click CANCEL button on Shutdown dialog and start explorer again through Task Manager). Now take the RUN box and the recent commands will not appear any more.

Get GMail much faster and with minimum eye candy – GMail X

The default GMail user interface is a simple but incredibly powerful one. This is done with AJAX and the time you wait for Gmail to load after login is the time for the AJAX to download. This is how you can turn off all the eye candy and run on extremely low bandwidth so that you get a faster GMail?.

GMail with “X” is what we are talking about. Its just another login page for your Google Mail Account, but is a lot simpler. It just has got the login forms in it. And when you Login you can see there is only your Email and the most necessary options like Compose, Contacts,sign out etc.
This is the link to the Faster Gmail Login Page and the login page address is :

You may also use the basic HTML version of the Gmail that supports almost all browsers if you like some more features packed.