Universal Units Converter – convert your measurements between any units

Units Converter is a site where you can easily convert different engineering units from one to another. The units that are inter convertible here are Length, Temperature, Pressure, Volume, Angle, Weight/Force, Area, Power, Energy and some Number bases.

The only problem with Units Converter is that it has got a really ugly User Interface, but the functionality will overshadow this slight annoyance.

JavaScript in address bar, trick to make images in a web page dance

I recently found this funny JavaScript code which will make the Images on any page go in a ring like dance. I got it through an e-mail forward, so I don’t know whom to credit. All you have to do is
1. Go to an Image rich page (eg:search for flowers in Google Images)

2. Paste the following Javascript code in the address bar and press ENTER (GO).

Copy this script and paste on adress bar:

What happens :

Make images in a page with JavaScript inserted from the above box
Let us examine the script to know what happens. In all the Browsers if a JavaScript code is embedded in the adress bar it can be executed as if it were in the page itself. This has also caused many vulnerabilities. That is a long story so lets come back.

The JavaScript makes an Array DI with all images as objects, then finds the number of images in the page and goto a loop which will change the position of the images one by one to a position given by the X and Y cordinates DIS.left=Math. sin(R*x1+ i*x2+x3)* x4+x5 nad DIS.top=Math. cos(R*y1+ i*y2+y3)* y4+y5}R++ }setInterval( ‘A()’,5); This goes on and we see the images going in a bend dumbbell.

FileZilla – free ftp client and server for Windows

FileZilla is an open source project to create an ftp client and server systems. FileZilla Client is a fast and reliable cross-platform FTP, FTPS and SFTP client with lots of useful features and an intuitive interface.

FileZilla supports drag and drop like any other commercial FTP client. It is also light on system and shows you the transfers that were successful, that were failed and those that are being processed. If you are overwriting a file, the same action (rename, overwrite, skip) can be applied to – all of that file type, to the current queue or just the file being processed. Shows Linux style user permissions for Files and Folders

Main features :

* Easy to use
* Supports FTP, FTP over SSL/TLS (FTPS) and SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)
* Cross-platform. Runs on Windows, Linux, *BSD, OSX and more
* Available in many languages
* Supports resume and transfer of large files >4GB
* Powerful Site Manager and transfer queue
* Drag & drop support
* Configurable Speed limits
* Filename filters
* Network configuration wizard

FileZilla ftp client main user interface

Pros :

Avilable for almost all platforms, free of cost, extremely user friendly, allows customization to a large extend which includes support for left to right languages like Arabic, the installation file is light and you can select either the default Windows installer or an extractable ZIP archive, users forum provides a large database of how to, support drag and drop, shows ftp commands, website profiles can be created, restoration of transfers.

Cons :

File browser in the user interface could have included a BACK,FORWARD and UP button, does not have a drop down address bar,

Specifications :

Latest release : 3.0.1 release 11|1|2008
Installation : 2.87 Mb
Memory usage : 7116Kb Physical and 72676Kb Virtual

You can find installation files of FileZilla for all the platforms at the FileZilla Download page.

Send personalized mail using Fuzzmail

Fuzzmail is a mail service which allows you to send “personalized” mails to your friends and family. It doesn’t require registration for use. On the home page Fuzzmail has got the From, To, Subject and the Message fields only. You can type message and send the mail to your friends, but when the recipient see the mail it is some what different from normal mail.. Thats why Fuzzmail becomes is said as a personalized mail. The recipient will see the mail just the way you typed it in the message field. It show the speed each character was typed all the corrections you had made and all the pauses you made while typing. In a way it is almost like a screen text recorder. What I do is what he sees.

How is this done? You can see from the source that Fuzzmail has got Javascript and all you type is saved in the Javascript arrays, all including the corrections and the speed is saved and this is used to show the viewer how you typed the mail. Send you children some fuzzmail and have fun it is useful for no other purpose.

An introduction to Viruses

Viruses are a constant threat to any computer system. It is more to the Windows based PC don’t mean that viruses doesn’t exist for other operating systems. If something is coded by a human then a virus can be created for it by another one. It is a universal truth. I remember an an article in Digit magazine about a MAC server put up by someone and challenged the world to hack it. It was hacked within 8 hours. So no system is hacker proof actually. There are test viruses for Linux based phones also.

Why do Virus writers always prefer Windows.

Why not me? - TuxFor one it is the most popular Operating System. Another thing is that there are many virus creation tools for Windows. And there are many Windows users who don’t update Windows so an old hole will always be there that has not been mended. Add to this some foolish features in the name of User friendliness and you can easily figure out why there are so many Viruses for Windows.

Since Viruses are so widespread the next best thing to do is to safeguard your computer against infection. And that is exactly the reason I am writing this series of posts on Viruses. In this posts I will try to tell you how you can prevent an infection or recover your system after the infection. Please read all the posts in this series to get a full understanding. I will give you the list of Viruses that I have met with and will show you how to remove them and also how to prevent viruses from spreading.

Google has removed the warning for results from this blog

After many review requests to and have finally removed the warning “This site may harm your computer!” from the results of this blog. My previous assumptions had been wrong and I discovered something that was even worse inside the template. There was an unknown script inserted inside the lsidebar.php file of the limau orange theme. I haven’t added anything to the file manually. So I think it was from the original file itself.

Now that the problems are over I think the traffic from Google will be back to normal.

Batch files to automate tasks in Windows environment – tutorial

A Batch file is any file with an extension .bat . The batch file is special in the sense that whatever you enter in a batch file, will be run as Commands in Command Prompt one line at a time. The commands will be shown in the prompt as they are run.

Creating and Editing :

Creating and Editing Batch Files in WindowsCreate a batch file named batch.bat in your C:\WINDOWS folder. (take note pad and save the file as Save As batch.bat ). type something like shutdown /? inside the file after opening it in notepad or any other text editor and save the file. Go to Command Prompt START >> All Programs >> Accessories >> Command Prompt and type “batch”. A screen similar to the one shown below will appear. The shutdown /? command will show you a simple help on shutdown command’s options and usage. This is a simple example for using the batch file for automating tasks.

Create and Edit batch file

Working :

When you type “batch” in the command prompt Windows looks for executable files named batch first (.COM and then .EXE) then if both of them are not found Windows searches for a file with name batch and extension bat. So now Windows will have located our batch file. Then every line in the batch file are treated as commands. So we have shutdown /? on the first line. This is executed and the output is shown. The locations where Windows looks for commands are set in the PATH Environment Variable

To prevent showing each command on the command prompt before it is run, just add @echo=OFF to the first line of the batch file.

To create a Batch file Right Click and select NEW┬╗Text Document. Rename it with FILENAME.bat (you must have disabled Hide extensions for known file types in Folder Options ). Now drag it to Notepad and type in the command you want to run, Save it (CTRL+S) and close. Or you can open notepad type the commands and then take File>>Save As and in the name filed give FILENAME.BAT and in the File Type give All Types.

At first you may seem this as non-useful but there are many parameters in command prompt including if, for etc.. which will make this a whole lot useful. I will cover automating the tasks in next part of this tutorial.

Importing the older posts from my Blogger Blog

Currently I am importing all the posts manually from Simple Informations – on Blogger. I tried the WordPress import tool under the Manage tab. Every time I login through WordPress to Blogger, an error is shown and I am not able to import my blogger posts directly. So I am trying a “hands on” approach. That is I am doing it manually.

Also the XML Sitemap plugin does not seem to include the posts whose time stamps are older than WP installation so I have entered them manually to the sitemap.xml file too.

You can view the posts I have imported till now in the archives. February 2007 | March 2007