iPod with feeling – iPod touch

The new Apple iPod touchWith the Apple has also added iPod with touch just like the iPhone. It is available at both 8Gb and 16Gb versions costing $299 and @399 respectively. With iPod touch you can Download music directly from iTunes. It has got Safari web browser which allows you to surf Web using the built in Wi-Fi. The functionality of touch is same as that with iPhone.

The Box contains iPod, USB cable, Ear phones, Dock adapter, Polishing cloth, Stand and quick start guide. The display is 3.5 inch wide with a 480 x 320 resolution and the thickness is only 8mm. Play back times are 5Hrs for Video and 22 Hrs for Audio respectively.

Blogger Play – view images being uploaded to Blogger

Blogger play screen shotBlogger has launched Blogger Play a player which shows live images that are being loaded into blogger by various users arround the world. Each photos information can also be viewed. If you click on any photo you will be directed to the original blog that posted the picture. There is an option to Pause, Fast and Slow down the show. Also the owners profile can be viewed along with the picture.

Don’t be afraid of being exposed to any profane images. Google is using its safe search algorithms to sort out adult content. If you have lots of time to waste and need a funny way to do so don’t wait, head on to blogger Play.

The New iPod 80 / 160 Gb – a real Classic

New redesigned iPod nano blackiPod Classic 160Gb boxedThe new releases from Apple© are much to be fascinated about. They have added video to the iPod® nano and also have brought out a new iPod, the iPod Classic®And the prices are still reasonable. Actually I now regret buying a Nano last month. It has got video capability now. The size has also increased.

But the new addition to the iPod family is the iPod classic. It has got all the features of the iPod classic plus the storage space of 80Gb and 160Gb which can store upto 20,000 and 40,000 songs according to Apple. It has got a 2.5 in dislayand the specs of 03.5 x 61.8 x 13.5mm. Youll get free shipping + free LASER engraving. the prices are $249 and $349 respectivwly.