Google Desktop search now available for Mac also

At last Google has developed the Google Desktop for MAC’s users. By using the quick search box you can search Web Pages or Launch applications. The search box Google Desktop MAC Quick Search Boxis brought up by pressing ? key twice, and can be hidden by pressing ? twice again.

Many File Types

Google Desktop automatically indexes and allows you to search the full text of virtually all your files, including the following types:
» text files (.txt)
» email from Apple Mail and Microsoft Entourage
» iChat transcripts
» Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
» music and video files, including artist and song names
» Address Book contacts
» system preference panes
» file and folder names

Google Desktop also searches file types that have a Spotlight importer.

You can type a few letters or words into the search box and your top results pop up instantly, including applications. For example, you can launch iTunes simply by typing “itu” into the Quick Search Box and pressing Return when iTunes appears as the first result. The results are shown in a page just like the Google Web Search results. You can

Integrated with Google

What if you already have the information you’re looking for but don’t realize it? When there are useful results on your Mac related to your Google web search, Google Desktop will include these files with your search results. There’s also a simple command center for searching your computer, which you can access by clicking “Desktop” above the search box on

Google Desktop MAC results page

Google Desktop Search Results are shown on a Web Result like page. With all these features Google Desktop is soon going to be a favorite for MAC users also.