Photo bucket adds more features

Ever since I first heard about PhotoBucket they have been evolving and giving me new surprises. They offer you a free storage of 1GB of images and Video and a 10GB monthly BandWidth this was a huge leap from their 100Mb and 1Gb limits. Then somebody revealed that they are the biggest site on the net. Now they have again come to my notice by adding another set of amazing features. I came to know about this when last day their New Letter arrived.

The main features introduced are

1. Webcam direct upload. : Brand New Video Uploader with Webcam support
Video sharing with Photobucket lets you share the moment you upload. Drag-and-drop your videos, and record direct to Photobucket from your Webcam. Trim your video before upload — makes cutting out the boring bits really easy. Perfect for video blogs and diaries.
2. /avatars : Create, store, and share your 3D ID with Meez at Photobucket. Make it all about you – with your own hair, eye color, nose, clothing and accessories — even piercings and tattoos! Have fun with animations, pets, costumes, and backgrounds. Use Photobucket’s share features to post your avatar to your Web page, blog, message board, IM, email.
3. Images to Mobile : Wallpaper your mobile phone from Photobucket
Did you know you can send any image from Photobucket to your mobile phone? US customers with T-Mobile, Sprint, Cingular AT&T or Verizon accounts can pick any image on Photobucket and click “Send to Mobile”. We’ll send the image right to your phone.

With all the new additions Photobucket is sure to turn many a Flickr’s to PhotoBucketer’s. If you haven’t tried Photobucket yet do try it today itself coz they are the best and largest Free Image and Video hosting site as of now.

Google Image labeller

Google has finally come out with a practical solution to properly categorize their millions of images from various sites. The project is called Google Image Labeler. Google says this about Labeler

Welcome to Google Image Labeler, a new feature of Google Image Search that allows you to label random images to help improve the quality of Google’s image search results.

The basic Idea behind this is that if two unknown individuals think about the same keyword (label) after seeing an Image then it is a verbal description of the Image (or a label – in plain terms). All you need to do is got to and start playing. You can either sign in with your Google account and pick a Nick Name or participate as a guest. You are paired with an unknown partner who is also online and you both are shown a picture which you need to add labels. If you and your partner puts the same label then each gets 100 points and are shown another image. You need to do this in a 90 second time frame. After this you are shown the score (if you have signed in then your scores are cumulated). This is really funny to play if you have got no Job (lots of time), a fast Internet Connection and good typing speed. And in the mean time Google gets its Images labeled for FREE.